At Ipswich Futsal, we offer open gender social competitions to all age groups. When multiple divisions are present in an age group (i.e. seniors), we are able to grade our comps to accommodate players of different skill and physical ability. The next season (Winter 2022) will begin on Monday March 21.

Comps & Seasons

CompetitionsAge GroupsSummer SeasonWinter Season
Senior Open
16 years and aboveOct – MarchApr – Sep
Senior Womens
16 years and aboveOct – MarchNo
Youth Open16 – 20 yearsOct – MarchNo
Juniors (U6/7 – U14/15)
5 – 15 yearsOct – MarchNo


Nights Played

Summer 2021/2022
Ipswich Futsal Premier League
Senior B
Senior Womens
Senior C
Winter 2022Ipswich Futsal Premier League
Senior B
Senior C

The competitions for the current season (Summer 2021/2022) start on the following dates:

  • Monday March 7: Ipswich Futsal Premier League, Senior B
  • Tuesday March 8: Senior C


Typical Season Structure

Sometimes, the first two or so weeks of a senior season are used for half length (18 minute) grading games to identify outlier teams and the skill gaps in our comps, which inform any changes made to the membership and structure of each division. Then the season proper begins and typically lasts for 15 weeks.

At the completion of all competitive seasons (U12/13 and above), the top 4 teams in each comp play two weeks of finals to battle it out for the competition’s championship, and the chance to win some silverware and hold the Ipswich Futsal cup, courtesy of Colleges Engraving and Trophy Shop. All non-competitive age groups (U10/11 and below) win participation medals at the end of each season.

StageNum. Weeks
Normal season fixtures15
Semi finals (1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd)1
Grand final1

Age Groups

Age & Age Group Eligibility

  • A players age is based on how old the player will be on 31 December in the year in which the comp started

Example:  If the season starts in October, and on 31 December in the year the season starts the player is aged 11, then the player will be in the U10/11 comp

Winter 2021 & Summer 2021/2022
Age GroupPlayer AgeYear of Birth
U6/76, 72015, 2014
U8/98, 92013, 2012
U10/1110, 112011, 2010
U12/1312, 132009, 2008
U14/1514, 152007, 2006
Youth16 – 202001 – 2005
Seniors &
16 and over2005 and older
Winter 2022 & Summer 2022/2023
Age GroupPlayer AgeYear of Birth
U6/76, 72016, 2015
U8/98, 92014, 2013
U10/1110, 112012, 2011
U12/1312, 132010, 2009
U14/1514, 152008, 2007
Youth16 – 202002 – 2006
Seniors &
16 and over2006 and older