About Us

About Ipswich Futsal

Ipswich Futsal is Ipswich’s official provider of Futsal, under the worldwide governance of FIFA and in Australia and Queensland by FFA and FQ.  Ipswich Futsal is committed to developing futsal and making it accessible, so if you are a development or community player, an experienced player or new to football, 5 years old or 55 year old then Ipswich Futsal is for you.  Comps we run are

  • Junior Academy for both development and community players
  • Junior Summer Comp for 5 to 15year olds
  • Youth Summer Comp for 15 to 20 yr olds
  • Senior Summer Comp for 15 yr olds and over.
  • Youth and Senior Winter Comp for 15 yr olds and over.

All our comps are open gender comps.  As our comps are strong and growing we are able to grade our youth and senior comps to accommodate players of different skill and physical ability


About Futsal

Futsal is a fast and exciting 5-a-side version of outdoor football, that is excellent for developing skills and fitness, as well as being a great deal of fun, as all players are actively involved in the game.  It is played with a small (size 3-4) low bounce ball on an indoor court (eg. basketball court) with touchlines.  This makes for a fast paced game where every player is actively involved in the game, having fun and getting lots of touches of the ball.

  • The small low bounce ball, helps to keep the ball  on the ground encouraging better ball skills
  • Having touchlines and not nets or walls encourages the player to keep the ball in play, which develops their ball skills, touches, passes and team work.  The ball rolls faster on a futsal court compared to an outdoor field, so players needs to better judge their passes and runs.
  • Being a small sided game there are a lot of 1v1 opportunities, encouraging all players to be comfortable and excel in a one-on-one situation
  • The fast pace of futsal develops quick decision making.
  • The small court and closeness of the goals develops rapid transition skills between attack (BP) and defence (BPO)
  • There are many other areas that futsal is excellent for such as team work, use of space, balance, communication …