Who we are

Ipswich Futsal Academy delivers professional futsal training that aims to provide a comprehensive training programme and environment to our players. 

Our aim is to develop creative, effective, and efficient players that can find solutions to specific futsal problems thrown their way by using their skills and working in coordination with their teammates. 

Players are guided by our coaches to help support and improve their decision-making skills on and off the ball – giving them the tactical, and technical knowledge and understanding of futsal. 

At Ipswich Futsal we look to play an attractive style of futsal when in possession of the ball by using specific futsal movements and combinations to break down the opposing defence to create goal scoring opportunities. When out of possession we look to be as aggressive as possible and win the ball back as quickly as we can. 

We always promote positive values such as work ethic, respect, determination, teamwork, and humbleness into all our players at Ipswich Futsal Academy. 

We want to develop and create unstoppable athletes in both futsal and life.


Latest News and Updates

We’re In: Ipswich Futsal awarded F-League Licence

Ipswich Futsal is proud to announce it has been awarded a Football Queensland F-League Licence ahead of the 2021 season. With the inaugural F-League commencing July 30, Ipswich Futsal will face teams from across SEQ in home and away matches throughout the season, culminating in a Finals Series played over two weekends in October. We … Read more