2022/23 Social Summer Season Registrations Now Open

Summer season team nominations and player registrations are now available for open gender competitions ranging from U6/7 to the Senior divisions.

In the following article we will try to cover most of the important information for the upcoming season. The dates and times for each competition below are what we have planned, however they aren’t set in stone. If for example, there are far more teams than expected in a division, then game times may need to be shuffled around.


This season, player registration fees will be $90 across the board and the $10 per player per game match fee will remain as is. For the #AlwaysVeto Ipswich Futsal Premier League (IFPL), the match fee will be replaced with a team entry fee. Find out more on the IFPL here.

Age Groups

Age Group Player Age Year of Birth
U6/7 6, 7 2016, 2015
U8/9 8, 9 2014, 2013
U10/11 10, 11 2012, 2011
U12/13 12, 13 2010, 2009
U14/15 14, 15 2008, 2007
Youth 16 – 20 2002 – 2006
Seniors &
16 and over 2006 and older

New Senior Divisions

Ipswich Futsal Premier League

The Ipswich Futsal Premier League will replace Senior A as the top senior opens division. The #AlwaysVeto Ipswich Futsal Premier League (IFPL) will be the highest senior opens division, with the competition intended for high level futsal teams looking to pit themselves against the best teams Ipswich Futsal has to offer. The IFPL will have the feel of a high level tournament as well, with each game played on international courts with two referees, prize money, and more! Find out more information and nominate your team here.

Start Dates

For the first time ever, summer season will now start in September. This will take the form of friendly/grading games, with the season proper starting in the first week of October as usual. The idea behind starting the season earlier is to give those who register and nominate early the opportunity to start playing as soon as possible.

Competitions Friendly/Grading Games Season Proper
Ipswich Futsal Premier League No grading games Monday October 10
Senior B Monday September 12 Monday October 10
U10/11 Monday September 5 Monday October 10
Senior C Tuesday September 6 Tuesday October 4
U12/13 Tuesday September 13 Tuesday October 4
U14/15 Thursday September 15 Thursday October 6
U8/9 Thursday September 8 Thursday October 6
U6/7 Saturday September 17 Saturday October 8

If your team can’t play throughout September, don’t stress! Your team can still enter in time for the beginning of the season proper in the first week of October. And beyond that we accept team nominations through till year’s end.

Only team nominations received by Friday in the week prior will be included in the draw for the following week’s draw. For example, only teams nominations received by Friday September 2 may be included in the first week of friendly and grading games.

Potential Game Times

The following table gives a good indication of the range of possible kick off times in each division

Competition Day Kick off Times
Saturday 9am-10:30am
Thursday 4:50pm-7:10pm
U10/11 Monday 4:30pm-6:50pm
Tuesday 5:10pm-5:50pm
Thursday 7:50pm-8:30pm
Senior C
Tuesday 6:30pm-9:10pm
Senior B
Monday 6:30pm-9:10pm
Ipswich Futsal Premier League
Monday 6:30pm-8:50pm

Players Without A Team

Players looking for a team are to complete the individual player nomination form. We will contact you about potential team placement after the nomination form is submitted. Once we have placed you into a team, make sure to register on Play Football before your first game.

Before the first week of fixtures, we will attempt to place all individual players either in teams with openings or in a team of other individuals. Afterwards, individual players will either be placed into teams with openings or put onto a waitlist.

As a result, we strongly encourage individual players (especially those who register late) to avoid paying their registration fee online.


If there are any questions or concerns that have been left unanswered, feel free explore more of our website or send us a message and we will help you out.