2021 Winter Season Registrations Now Open

Winter season team nominations and player registrations are now open for Senior A, B and C, with Seniors A and B starting on Monday May 3 and Senior C on Tuesday April 27. Only teams that have submitted a team nomination by Saturday April 24 for Senior C and Friday April 30 for Seniors A and B will be included in the first week’s draw. Also remember that only players who did not register for summer season have to register on Play Football for winter season and pay the associated $50 rego fee.

Individual players looking for a team are encouraged to register if necessary and email info@ipswichfutsal.com.au with any additional information we should know about (e.g. skill level, availability etc.). Individuals will be notified of their team placement before the first week and afterwards will either be placed into teams with openings or put onto a waitlist. For this reason, we encourage individual players who register late to avoid paying their rego fee online.

After the large disruptions that 2020 brought, we are now back on schedule with our season start and end dates, meaning there will be lots of time in winter season to fit in the usual 15 rounds as well as grading games and finals. In terms of competition structure, there is a chance of Seniors A and B being merged into one comp and Senior C being split into two comps (played on the same night), depending primarily on how many teams nominate for each. All in all, we look forward to seeing most summer season teams returning to play winter season, and hopefully some new teams too.

There have also been some minor changes made to the team nomination process that we think our members should know about.

Team Nomination Form Changes

We have recently made a few changes to our team nomination form that we hope will help both our members and our staff.

  • A confirmation email with a copy of your team nomination will now be sent to your email address upon successful submission.
  • Team managers can add or remove players from the team nomination form as needed.
  • Custom team logos can now be submitted, which will appear as your team’s logo on the GameDay app, with an example seen below. Get the GameDay app for Android or iOS to see the competition draw, or access it on the web.
  • There is now a FFA number entry field for each player. Although not mandatory (e.g. for nominated players who don’t have a Play Football account yet), we recommend providing player FFA numbers if possible as it makes the process of matching nominated players to registered players much easier.
  • To add or remove players from a team nomination after submitting a team nomination form, email info@ipswichfutsal.com.au who you need added or removed and we will do the rest.

How to find your FFA Number

If you already have a Play Football account, your FFA Number can be easily found in just a few steps.

  1. Enter https://user.playfootball.com.au into your browser. You will then be redirected to a Play Football login page.
  2. Login to Play Football. If you are having troubles logging into your account, send us an email at info@ipswichfutsal.com.au and we may be able to help you out, or contact Play Football support.
  3. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the Play Football Participant Portal. Your FFA Number will appear on this page in the My Details pane.